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You have to eat the Blue Mushroom !

My client, will call him “Sal”, came in for his QHHT session to find healing for his broken heart,  after his divorce two years ago. He really thought he’s found his soul mate but as often happens people grow apart and sometimes things don’t work out any more . After many years of marriage, now he is trying to move on with his life, but he feels there is a part of him that’s keeping him trapped in lower emotions. 


He finds himself in front of a beautiful forest where a light translucent Being showed up to guide him . Uncertain and reluctant at first, he felt this Being was there to help, but he didn’t want to go into the dense forest . 

(What is the Being doing?) It’s waiting for me to See It . It doesn’t put out a frantic energy but somehow it feels so distant. It’s pointing on something on the ground inside the forest, it’s a mushroom or something. (Can you tell me more about it?) . It’s blue, the mushroom it’s blue but I don’t know what am I supposed to do it with . ( Are you able to communicate with this Being?) Yes, it wants me to eat it. It says , it’s good for me. (How is this mushroom going to be good for you?). It will help drop the walls around me, I feel like my body in this place is walking in quick sand, like every movement is so heavy. (So what are you doing next?) I am looking at the mushroom, the Being is standing on the other side of the tree line, inside the forest next to that mushroom but I am still outside of this, in the field. It doesn’t feel scary or anything, is just hard, hard to move . The Being is pointing at the mushroom, it made me aware of it and wants me to go in the forest but my body is just hesitant, it doesn’t want to .( How do you feel about that mushroom?). I am curious about it, I want to get closer to it but, a part of me feels it’s tied to what I came from, still a strong feeling , it’s afraid , it’s scared , doesn’t know what’s going to happen if I do step into the forest, it’s resisting, but the Being is very patient. I don’t want to just stand here anymore , I want to just walk in there and learn. (what do you think is holding you down ?) It’s the energy , it’s an energy that doesn’t feel like is mine . ( in what part of the body do you feel this energy ?) . It feels like is all around me , like I am in a bubble , it’s like a lens, that I am looking through everything around me and it’s only allowing certain things in . ( like a barrier ?) . Yes , I can see fine everything around me , the forest , the being , the mushroom, in vivid colors but I feel like I am in a box of glass. ( so, what happens next ?) . I stepped through the forest area and I am sitting down next to the Being . It’s to my left and the mushroom to my right . Looking at the mushroom, it seems to be larger than I’ve perceived before . It’s blue with white spots on top and it looks good ( chuckle) . I like how it’s part of everything as Am I, In this place . The interesting part here is that, there is only one mushroom, no others . ( can you ask the Being more details about this mushroom?) Yes, it said that I will know . I am pulling it up from the ground and it feels very fresh , crisp about the size of a grapefruit in my hand . I am taking a bite now, it feels very earthy , crunchy but with no particular taste. I ate the whole thing and I feel that it will take a little bit of time to integrate but I see my body, my stomach in a different way , like I’m outside of myself and it’s emanating an energy that’s coming out of my stomach and going outward in all directions, displacing everything. Now, I feel like I look exactly like the other Being .( can you describe yourself?) . I am white light , I don’t have that heavy , physical body anymore. ( how does it feel now ?). Weightless . ( are you ready to continue your journey then , guided by this Light Being ?) Yes, I feel like I am flying now , I am faster then the Being, he’s now lagging a bit ( chuckle) , I see myself on top of the trees .I am guiding him now towards the mountains. I am talking him to this log cabin , in the middle of the forest , is very private . Going inside, there is an area in the back that I’ve always called my library, like in the back of my mind . I’ve always had this idea that my life experiences are books on the shelves and that’s how I process things, I take things down and I read . As I am showing the Being around , he’s quietly looking at the books , all the things that I’ve felt. He is quietly scanning the books and I see a book “ popping up” .( can you describe it ?) . ( very emotional) It’s the “ book of Mary “ ( his ex-wife), I take it off the shelf and put it on the table so we can look at it .The Being is flipping through it and I am asking “ what was the point with this book”, because this book was a very important book to me . I remember putting the book on the shelf , because it was not on the shelf, it was my life . Not long ago , I had to put it on the shelf.... ( can you ask this Being , what does he think about “ Mary’s book , about this chapter in your life?) 

He said that, I needed it to heal . ( what is it that you need to heal today ?) . He said myself. ( how can you do that ?) . He said that I need to be myself and not worry. ( It’s the book complete?) Yes , it’s already being put on the shelf. ( how can you completely release and let go of this book from your life ?) . As much as I didn’t want to hear he said “ You have to burn it “ but I don’t want to loose the good stuff . He says , it will still be in me, I just have to let go . Well , I am still holding the book and he’s saying that “we can take this book in the living room where the fireplace is .The book is not going to be gone , it will just change form into ashes and then out the chimney into the world . It will just not be held in there, into that library anymore “ 

As I look at the library now , that’s the only spot that empty . Going back near the fireplace, I see him throwing the book into the fire and it lit up with blue flames and white sparkles. We are now both sitting on the two rocking chairs but the fireplace watching the book burn ( what happens next ? ) . He just stood up from his chair and sat down onto mine , We’ve just became ONE . I don’t really understand what’s going on but I feel a little bit bigger...

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