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Why Do We Get Sick !

Hi guys, the session segment below was shared by our amazing Level 3QHHT practitioner Soo Kim ! She was so very kind to allow me to share this amazing insight about WHY DO WE GET SICK - very grateful!

Hope this will help many of you!!!

I am going to talk about “Why are we sick?”. Another diplomatic expression would be “Why do we have physical discomforts”. It is the same thing.

The following information came from Them: Higher Self (HS).

Sickness or disease caused by when you are in low frequency, simple is that, HS said. What makes low frequency? When you are in a state of unhappiness, fear, anger, grief, depression, jealousy, doubt, rage and so on, how do you feel? You feel “low”. That is low frequency. You are “down”.

This low frequency is created by the being who has it, as well as the being is gravitating toward lower frequency. Lower frequency on the Earth, and lower frequency of the being are creating these types of disease to resonate.

No disease comes without individual being involved. They are responsible for their own disease. Being failed to take responsibilities to take care of the body. Until they understand they are responsible for these diseases, they have created in their minds, and they have resonating low, they are drawn to this low frequency.

Now this low frequency is created in this current life or in past lives. Many times, as you have experienced, the trauma they carry is from the past.

For example, this young man I had a session with, oh boy, he has R A G E! In this life, because of his uncontrollable rage, he nearly killed himself as well as his loving partner. Through the session, he understood it was created in the past. How? He got killed by being betrayed by the people he deeply trusted. Totally understandable why he has rage!

Understanding is the beginning of the change he can make for the better future. Let the past go, move forward in this current life. That’s why he is here again, isn’t he?

So how to raise the frequency? The HS said do the meditation, pray to the Source/HS/guides or whoever you believe in helping you. Always connect with your antenna (third eye) to the Source. Eat healthy natural food, exercise, love yourself, walk in the nature, be kind to yourself.

As the Earth frequency evolving, they see frequency of sound and light will be bases of all healing in the future.

Light healing, we have witnessed all the times in the QHHT session where They always use lights to heal people’s sickness, They use white light, blue light, green light or orange light whatever the frequency resonates with people’s organ being affected.

As was a mature lady who has hip issue, her HS exclaimed looking into her hip, “Oh it is so dark!”. Of course, low frequency is dark and they healed with lights!

So, we are already in the cutting edge of advanced healing HS talked about, witnessing in every session: Light healing!

Sound healing, HS said, listen classical music, monks’ chants, orchestra choir are good. They suggest any sound contains over 500 HZ are beneficial. 528 HZ is love, they said. 758 HS is for healing. 828HZ is for healing, so is 999 HZ.

On YouTubes, many excellent music on those frequencies is there, you can select and listen. I listen “Om chants” by Buddhist monk as a background sound when I read/watch or cooking. It is very soothing and pleasant to my being, I find.

Anything below 500HZ is for the molecular structural healing.

This frequency will help raise vibration, heal, clear negativities, simple access to healing without complication. This frequency allows to connect with the Source and the body, and healing happens organically. Easy and simple!

They said it is our duty to love ourselves. Love yourself first, then love others.

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