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The Seeders

Hi All, here is a cute tidbit from a recent session :

Client comes in for the session to help understand more about her life mission-the need to keep people together and the family united. As a young child, she would be puzzled by the adults' actions and behaviors, especially when “mom and dad fight”. She would go and hug them in hope, her parents would love each other more.

In the session she comes off the cloud in a place that was in ruins, smoke and fire all around. Lots of sadness and tears were felt. That whole civilization was wiped out from existence. Walking through rumbles my client was collecting samples of the soil. The body was covered in what seemed a hard metal shell, more like a machine easy to navigate. Returning to the ship she was traveling with, hurried to get back home to understand more about what happened here. Her planet was like Antarctica, cold with snow all around (client mentioned in the interview she’s always cold and tired). Her people had balloon-like heads, no mouth or nose, just big black eyes. While the head was physical, the body had more of a translucent feeling, not as opaque.

They were all living together, like a swarm of souls inside huge crystals. Sometimes they would go outside and walk on the ground to bring more nutrients to the body from the soil. Nothing else was needed for nourishment were always united, more of a hive mind. Client was one that would keep aside though. Asking why, she said she is newly created and has to go explore the planets around and bring information. She was a wanderer and observer that loved to travel and be more of a free spirit, instead of being part of the hive.

Moving forward she went to a nearby planet to check on its evolution. Stepping in the green moss and hearing the pleasant sound of birds and little critters, she realized life had finally taken place and this brought great joy to her and her people. They were the original seeders and no joy could’ve been bigger than when life was flourishing on the planet, in different forms. I have asked if they are doing anything else in order to help sustain life. She said yes, her people, the ones living inside the crystals, were humming together and sending the vibration of LOVE to all beings and planets around. This helped keep the balance and harmony.

At the last scene, the client was tired of exploring and gathering information and chose to be part of the Hive. Integrating and blending with the others helped understand the power of unity and creation. As a whole unit she was able to tap into the energy of Source and much more knowledge was pouring through.

A parting message of remembering Unity and finding love in everything was shared at the end.

Hope you enjoyed ,Elena 😇

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