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Aspergers Syndrome - the Subconscious Perspective

Hi guys, I've had an amazing soul as a QHHT client. She wanted to understand more about her Asperger’s syndrome and why she was born like that. Things haven’t always been easy for her, especially with socializing, speaking or blending in society. Her friends are animals, especially horses, trees and insects. She can communicate with them by body language and feelings. She’s always felt different and not being understood in this world. We were told in the session, this is her first life on earth and she is here to help shift this paradigm into a more positive one. Here is a tidbit from her inner journey:

“E: Why is she suffering from Asperger's?

SC: To help relieve the world of deception, what I mean is that some of the people with this condition can lie but most of them can't.

E: So are you saying people with this impairment are unable to lie?

SC: Yes, If the majority of people will speak their truth and are genuine this will help the whole world. Even the ones that can’t talk due to this manifestation in the body, they are just adding to the percentage of purity and this will add and increase the primordial energy that is needed at this time to bring more Light onto the planet. You know, they also suck at socializing but this can actually hurt them because they are “trained” through socializing to do bad things sometimes. For example, people don’t do drugs because their Soul is asking them too, they are doing it because someone tells them to. People don’t need to talk as much, better go within and listen.

E: As a child she had what we called “selective mutism” for a period of a few years. I wonder what was the benefit of that?

SC: This is what I was saying, sometimes we don’t need to talk, it’s damaging. At that time, she was supposed to observe and pay attention to her surroundings. Now she doesn’t observe because she talks too much, but boy she learned a lot while observing and not talking.”

Never a dull moment !

Love2all, Elena

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