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The Departed Son !

Client came through the door shaky and hunched back. I was thinking to myself what a beautiful woman but yet so frail, how much she must suffer. Listening to her life story made me appreciate mine more. One of her son’s, 17 years old, passed away last year due to substance abuse. She says the only peace she could get at night while he was alive, was knowing he was in a rehab center. One day, he didn’t make it, his journey was cut short ( or so we thought ). A devastated mom was now in front of me sobbing and heart broken.

The session started with her visiting this life and enjoying one more time the love she’s felt from her family as a child. While in her mom’s tummy she felt anxious about the life she’s going to embark on “ I know it’s going to be ok, but I will have to go through something very hard and sad” she said. After this, she was greeted by a tall white, shimmering Being full of love and compassion. His name was Argon. They floated together into a huge coliseum-like marble building. In the center was a golden sphere that all the beings gathered there would look into, life journeys and experiences were shown - past, present or future.

Here my client was greeted by her guides and angels . A sense of immense love and compassion came over her :“I know this place, I’ve been here before”, this is the place where I gathered with my family to make my life plans.” Everyone past from current life was there including her Beautiful Son. They hugged for the longest time and tears were rolling down her face. “ I feel at peace now, seeing how beautiful this place is” she says, my son is finally at peace and I can have mine also”. I asked why did he leave so soon and he said this was the plan from the beginning. Going through this hardship, his sweet mom is able to go to a higher density and become more evolved. She is an Angel that needed a hard lesson to learn empathy and compassion for others. Her son also benefits greatly from this, as now he’s taking the role of her guide and others incarnated at this time.

Mom, also understood she has to continue her mission in this life. Taking care of her family, loving and supporting them is what she needs to do. Her son and guides will help her heal her broken heart from here on. She’s now past a nexus point in her life and things will get more joyful from here on.

When I brought her out her face was shining and she was giddy like a child. “He’s ok, and he’s with me, I feel him now! I can finally move on with my life.”

When she left my home, she was walking straight, smiling and at peace . I felt so grateful for my work, what a blessing this is, to be able to guide souls in finding their inner peace. Thank you Dolores …

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