Healing the eyes

Hi guys, one of my clients this week came in to understand why she has cataracts in her eyes that seems to impair her vision . We have discovered in the session that, she needed to accept and look at a certain situation in her life from a different perspective and more acceptable approach, this made her eyesight very blurry. Also , the Subconscious said she’s afraid of the future and she doesn’t want to “see it”. Once the client understand she needs to trust and simply take day by day , this will greatly improve . This is her feedback after the session:

“ HI Elena, Thank you too for the amazing QHHT session on Tuesday. The images are still swirling in my head and I continue to receive deeper insight into what was being shown to me. My body is also healing - my vision (while extremely blurry on the drive to my hotel from your place) has noticeably sharpened without glasses! So exciting. Thanks again for doing the work and making a difference in people’s lives .”

QHHT Rocks ❤️‍🩹, Love2all, Elena

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