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What is God ?

Client wanted to learn more about his life journey from here on, as he’s just quit his corporate job, it didn’t resonate anymore. He also was wondering about God, what is God, what are dimensions of existence and what’s the best way to contribute to the expansion of humanity at this time. The SC advised him to write about Love in children’s books. His young kids will help with that because they are in a way closer to God, not being tainted by society rules.

Me: What is God ?

SC: God is in between, like layers, in every state of the mind, in every density, all that exists but in different layers. It’s like from light and pure to heavy and dark.

Me: So from Light to Dark is still all God, from whatever we experience good or bad is still God ?( Yes). How would you explain the different dimensions of existence?

SC: They contain different densities of energy consciousness of God. There are different layers of distortion in a certain dimension. (What creates the distortion?) Energy information and amount of love.

Me:How are the dimensions of existence different from each other?) Density, so one level is more dense, then the next layer is less dense, it’s almost like there is more God in the less dense ones, but God is All.

Me: So if we were to talk about this 3D dimension, how would you describe it?

SC: It’s dense, it’s physical, tangible, it’s slow, it’s thick and dark and then as you go higher into a different dimension, you’ll find a little bit more God, more Love, it means less dense, the space is lighter and happier.

Me: Is this why you said he needs( my client )to write about love?

SC: Yes, spread love, more of God can come into the body this way, the lighter and higher the space they are in. The evolution of a human being is to become less dense and incorporate more love.

Me: What is your definition of Love:

SC: Love is joy and kindness, love is smiles and giggles, love is caring for others as you’re carrying for yourself, love is unity, no judgment.

Me: What about the concept of different Beings and group consciousness?

SC: You see, everyone of those densities have a governing structure. On earth there are people and people, in a less dense space there are beings and beings. They normally don’t mix but they do mix on the edges of a density in a dimension but majority it’s made out of the same frequency, same vibration.

Me: What would you say then, it’s the difference between people and beings ?

SC: The amount of God in them! ( that’s simple? ) Yes, Because the amount of God lifts and lightens you. Bring more love into your life and this will help change your perspective, will propel you higher into a less dense reality.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it 😊

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