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My client came in with chronic lesions on his lower legs that would not heal. He also wanted to know about this itching dry spot on his elbow that has been there forever.

HS: The elbow situation it’s a transport issue, when he arrived in his avatar, this can be corrected.

E: What about his leg discomfort?

HS: Life on a human scale is a matter of balance. In having an illness - know that he doesn’t have an illness of any other kind - in removing this, he is no longer balanced, there for other illness can come in then, heart disease, organ disease, lung disease. This also falls into the category of a handicap. People who have handicaps achieve more in life as a natural driving force for them to overcome. His leg issue can be considered a handicap that he can overcome, we are aware however this has reached his limit and it can be removed. In his case, to live life without a handicap doesn’t present experience. His contract is to live experiences.

E: What else do you recomend ?

HS : Step outside the comfort zone, start introducing challenges that would counteract handicaps, everything he needs is eternally inside him, project forth what you want to achieve. He is capable of everything but the limitation of the brain, overcomes this. Combine the two minds together and manifest your dreams.

E: What do you mean by the two minds?

HS: His brain and heart, his emotions and his feelings. Be the pioneer that shows the way on how this is done. Deliver mankind to the next level.

E: When he contacted me for the session what did you hope it will be accomplished here today. HS: To increase the vibration and frequency of his Avatar. The frequency of Human Kind is also changing. This is a training ground that was unchecked for too long. The fallen have taken over for too long and it needs to be corrected. The Change is coming. The way of human life has been badly controlled, this will not continue. It will separate and there are people that can save others and bring them up to a higher level, this needs to be done.

E: How can we do that ?

HS: It has to be shown, by getting the mass majority of people into a higher vibration. Change the way of thoughts, follow and listen to your heart, people like you and him need to start preaching this, you’ll get a double bonus this way. I am you and you are Me, just on a lower vibration. We are all One.

E: From your perspective how is Humanity doing in the present day?

HS: We had to shake humanity a lot, we’ve gone along with the lies and the deceit in order to shake everyone awake, there is no evil, there is no good or bad. Humanity is improving and those that are left behind are not left behind, they would just take longer.

E: Any changes into the near future?

HS: People are doing very well, improving and accelerating, life is getting better, there is Great Hope for Humanity.

E: What about the flood of energies bathing the planet at this time ?

HS: Lies will be made up, the final lie will be this is not a planet, there is no space, that there is no universe. Once this will be realized globally will be ascended into the next dimension. The greatest lie of all time is making Man Kind feel like a speck of dust that it is absolutely insignificant to compare with anything else. This great lie has been the catalyst of disaster,

 being bred into each human from the day they are born. Once it is realized this is not a planet is the Focus of our pure intent, you each are so much, a personal creation with great potential. You are Me, We are One, once we realize this, that’s when we will have ascended. We cannot show you the big picture, it’s to much, but we intent to be to the point when you no longer will need your Avatar to die upon you. The perfect human retains its information of incarnation, but Instead it is lost, causing a repetition in incarnation. .

E: Are we going to experience this ascension in this lifetime?

HS: Yes, there is a reason we exceeded the Mayan calendar, we are in a sudo simulation and this will happen within the next ten years, we are on borrowed time.

E: Any parting advices :

HS: Patience and perseverance, accept and live in the heart.



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