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The Veil is Thinning & Mindsets are Changing

Hello Beautiful People!

This was a wonderful QHHT session where we got some interesting answers and I wanted to share them with you . One of the subjects was about the planetary shift :

I will use P ( practitioner ) and HS ( Higher Self)

: How many people are awake as of right now?

HS: Not enough .

P: So , what can we do to help with that ?

HS:Spread the Light , be the Light . Keep positive, keep your vibrations high , be happy ! People forgot how to be happy , remind them of that ! If people will learn how to be happy the Shift can happen tomorrow , we know is hard but you have to try .

P:Can you tell me why Elena and not only her, is having a hard time , sad , anxious or just feeling helpless ?

HS:The veil is thinning, the mindset is changing , mentality is and will be changing , there is a lot of purging, old trauma old stress from the past is venting out , is clearing, so what you have to do is sit with it , try to understand the message that specific emotion has for you, and then let it go, just say “I let you go you do not belong to me anymore” and send it to the universe .

P: I understand but a lot of people are confused nowadays, stressed and even angry . Is there something that you can do to help ease that ?

HS:They have to learn to let it go , to clear it out of the body . Stay with the emotion , ask if there is a message and after that let it go , send it to the universe . We cannot change the emotion because there will still be a hold on that .

P: About the Shift Event, do you have a time frame on that ?

HS:That is up the collective consciousness , it is coming soon , maybe .People need to raise their vibrations and see the world for what it really is . Stop listening to the Radio or TV , spend time in nature that will raise your vibration , be kind to one another , always be kind ! Love is the most important thing, don’t forget that .

P: Feels like everything is very intense now , I mean the emotions that we get from other people are very intense .

HS:Those are tumultuous times, there is a lot of rage coming out due to the intensity of the energy coming to earth .

P: How would I’ll know if I am going with the new world versus the old earth ?

HS:The new world is going to be different, the old one will be just the same . Don’t forget is your choice .You pick , you choose .

P: But if I choose to go with the new world will I still be connected  to my people if they will stay with the old earth ?

HS:You always going to have a connection.

P: Yes but what about like people in your family , some people will go with the new earth and some will stay with the old one ?

HS:People are going to fall out of your life with you’re approval . You’ll understand , you will look around and see that “someone” moved to “far, far away land” but I am still here so you are in the new world and they are with the old earth . It depends what you make of it . It is also a state of mind .

Parting message:

Nobody is going to be lost . Everyone will be taken care of . Just take care of your brothers and sisters , that’s all that you have to do ! Everything else is in our hands , stop worrying .

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