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The Story of Sham-Bo !

The story of Sambo…

My lady client, experienced a past life as Sambo, an African American slave that had to work daily digging and planting potatoes with four others. Life was hard, food not enough but he learned to survive. He never spoke against the masters, learned how to be obedient and gained the trust of his owners. I asked him if he would ever try to escape and he said this wasn’t a choice because he had nowhere to go and there will be no food to eat. When I moved him to the last day of his life, he shared some great wisdom that I think applies very well to current times :

“Me: What thoughts are coming to mind Sambo ?

Client: I am realizing that I had the choice to decide if I was going to be happy in my life or if I was going to be angry or upset. When I would wake up, was I going to be at peace to where I am or not... and if you make peace with it my friend, the peace makes friends with you! That’s a lesson you can take to your grave, you make peace inside yourself, you make peace with every moment and every day, no matter where you are or what you’re doing and this is the stuff I’ve told the young ones, they call me the wise Sambo because you always have a choice. Even when at times it feels you have no choice, you have a choice in how you are going to feel and how you are going to live your life, Within the Bounds of the Shackles of how you are enslaved.”

Much love2all,


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