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The Story of Dragons (Part II)

I think he wants people to have an experience where they feel connected to the dragons too, I feel like they don’t know they are us in a way. So, I see them sitting on the ground with their eyes closed, drinking that tea. It seems like they are in a meditative state, the dragons are approaching now and people are opening their eyes welcoming them, touching and hugging while the wise man is explaining they are here to help us, to communicate with us and to enable us reach a higher state of consciousness. They are here to tell us we are not alone, we are here to learn from each other and that earth right now, or very soon is becoming more hostile than before. It feels like it’s a warning what the medicine man sees, soon the dragons will leave and we have to remember them.

What do you think is going to happen?

The dragons finished the contracts with humans and it looks like there are other beings, giant’s beings, bigger than the dragons that are coming to hunt them. Also they are going to make people start hurting animals, hunting more creatures like that, so that’s why they can’t stay here anymore. So, I guess this ritual helped people expand their minds and understand the role of the dragons. They have to remember this and pass it along .Tell others how they were here to help, able to communicate with us and spit fire.

So let’s move forward and tell me what you decide to do:

J:I chose to stay with the dragons, I am older now. I think I am alone in a cave , what it looks like an endless cold cave and I see books around , those are the medicine man books .I am here with the dragons but they are sick and old.. I think they are dying...yes I see their spirit leaving the body. (What does it look like?) .

It looks like stars, like colorful energy coming out of their body, but the energy is heavy when it comes out of them and then it just vanished into air. So, now I have to go, take those books with me to a place that they can be kept safe. I have to bring that knowledge from the books to Kings and Queens. The dragons told me that there is a special place, I need to go, a place that has statues of dragons in front, where their content can be stored. (Are you able to travel?) . Yes, I am old but I have to go now. The spirits of the dragons will guide me. They look like colored orbs and I have to travel at night because it’s safer and I can see them better .I am in the mountains but the terrain changes sometimes to dry , sandy land .

I have moved him forward to his destination). Where are you?

J: I am in the place with the statues of dragons .I am in awe, the statues are as big as the dragons in real life. I keep walking looking for someone. There are concrete houses here, everything is made of stones, like big bulldozers, I’ve never seen anything like this before. I see men meditating and try talking to them but they don’t understand my language. I show them the books in the basket and immediately their eyes open wide, taking me to this place with lots of dragon books. Some books here are made out of leather, or other different materials. I think those people wrote the books. There is a man here , that started talking to me telepathically and I didn’t understand how he was able to do that .He told me that, dragons taught him how to communicate with each other thru love .They knew the human existence is hard . This man was a dragon himself incarnated in a human body, because he wanted to see how it is, but had no idea how difficult it was and how low they have come, in regards with human consciousness. There was a time when humans weren’t like this but certain beings interfered with the human DNA and they weren’t pure humans anymore, we are not holding that higher consciousness, we are now more of a slave race. (How were they able to do that?) . I don’t know how to explain, it feels like they hid stuff away, it’s like they numbed the DNA, it’s still there but it’s disconnected now.

Ok, what do you decide to do from here on?

I choose to stay there with them, trying to elevate our consciousness. We realized that we all learn in different ways, so comparing our experiences we are trying to activate the DNA. We are learning how to connect with the dragon energy. (How are you able to do that?) . We have to visualize the dragons and with the power of intention we invoke the dragon energy and imagine that, coming down through the top of our heads going down the spine and then upwards. You can also imagine the fire of the dragons circulating outside of your body and use different colors for different things. (What do you mean?) Like if you are afraid and have fears, if you imagine the red fire, That will clear the energy of fear. If you are mourning or sad you can imagine a blue fire and That will help. So, we are writing all of this down in order to reactivate what was disconnected in our DNA and in this way we can reunite with the dragons again and ascend to higher realms .( I’ve moved him forward to the last day of his life ) .

J: I am really old now, I am dying. I am surrounded by different men, young and older and they are all helping me pass away. They’re telling me to ask the dragons to take me with them.

I can see the different colored orbs again, yes I am going with the dragons now...

me more details please.

J: Well, we haven’t seen them in a while but there is always hope that they will come back.

So what you are saying is that the people weren’t able to see neither of them in a long time?

No, they think it’s an omen, that’s why they keep searching for them because they feel that, if

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