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The Story of Dragons (Part I)

When the client came of the cloud, she found herself in a man’s body (will call him John) in a rice plantation, that looked like a pond. The weather outside was cloudy and a bit warm. Looking far in the distance he could see coned shaped mountains.  A young Asian man with simple clothing was carrying a woven basket with rice in it. A bit tired from collecting rice, he was returning back to his small village. While waking, he was looking at the sky to see the dragons.

I asked him to tell me more about those dragons:

J: They are mystical creatures that only special people can see them. The villagers are talking about them all the time, they normally live up in the mountains, but nobody has seen them in a long time. There was a wise man, a shaman that was able to communicate with the dragons, but he has left that place for more than 40 years and since then, nobody was able to see dragons flying over anymore.

They use to fly by and protect the village and I am not sure if they would bring medicine also, but the dragons use to be part of the village.

Give they don’t come back there is not going to be magical anymore. I guess the people feel cursed since the medicine man left. There are stories how the dragons use to bring us food, things that we don’t normally know of, but right now all we have to eat is rice. Also, the dragons taught the medicine man how to heal, how to help others and how to create things with their hands, to build houses. They showed us how to plant, they gave us technologies.

What kind of technologies?

Technologies like how to talk to the animals, how to agriculture.( Physical technologies?) Yes, they taught us about stones, how to make tools, how to make jewelry. It’s what people talk about and also why they take care of the medicine man hut. The women keep it clean and take care of the books , the medicine man books, but they don’t know how to read them .( Tell me more about the books ) . It looks like paper but it’s more like large pieces of leaves with burned marks on them. All the pages look the same, a bit scorched and they are pretty thin. They are laying on a table and some on the floor. We can see pictures of the dragons in them, pictures of fire. (Can you describe them for me?) . They look like an animal with a swirly tail, some have scales others just skin and there are some that have hair on their backs like horses do. I see different colors dragons , grey , blue , green and it looks like they have different characteristics, the pictures show waves near some of them or sticks .I don’t understand the books, but I like the pictures and I also like to look at the plants and certain seeds in those books .

As you look around what else do you see?

I see lots of books and cups everywhere. The cups are made of, what it looks like black clay, tar or maybe they were molded and they have plants in them, dry plants. But we are very careful, we don’t want to touch anything we don’t know what is for .There are also different types of colored rocks , shiny green and red not like the type you find on the ground. There is a bed on the floor made from mostly dry leaves and wood, the climate seems to be tropical as I don’t see any animal skin around.

So if the women take care of his hut what do the men do?

J: The men are hunting, trying to bring food while hoping to find the medicine man, but they don’t like to kill animals so they are mostly looking for fruits and plants. They have tried to plant the seeds of this fruit but didn’t succeed. (What does it look like?) . It is round like a circle yellow or orange, with prickly looking skin. We are smashing it against stones and eat the inside only .That’s the sweet part, the skin is sour.

Are there a lot of people in your village?

J: Just a few, I see only five or six huts. (Can you describe the huts?) . They are round and pointy, made of sticks and leaves. We don’t have much inside, just cups, jugs of water and the beds that are made of wood and stretched leaves and when the leaves dry up we go in the forest and bring more. The women are old, I don’t see a lot of kids around and my parents are old also, the oldest couple here but I am younger, like in my thirties. So the younger men are taking care of the rice, making sure there are no critters, frogs or snakes to make the rice go bad. (Do you eat inside or outside?). We eat outside as a village, like a gathering in the middle of the huts. That’s where we spend most of our time. We talk and we look at the sky. The ladies cook the rice and share it. (How is the rice prepared?) . They wrap it in leafs, wet leafs and put it on top of the fire. The fire comes from the ground, they make holes in the ground that heats up the sand and then the rice that is wrapped sits on top of fire. It looks like there is a fire inside the ground and one outside, where the rice sits. I don’t know how they do that but, we have to add water through the leaves until the rice is cooked. (Is there anything else to eat?) Sometimes men go to the ocean and bring fish but it takes them two nights to do that. I like the fish raw but some cook it. That’s all we eat right now, but we feel secluded here, nobody wants to leave and find a new place because they don’t feel safe, they rather stay and wait for the wise man to come back.

 Ok, let’s move forward to another important day, what you see:

 I am older and not sure if I am in the same place .We are closer to the water now and it looks like they have found the medicine man. He came back and he brought more people with him. This was a very happy day, everyone celebrated, the medicine man knew that the village was dying and he left with the dragons to find more people, or to rescue them. It looks like they were more villages like ours that the dragons knew about and wanted to save them. Now, our place grew bigger that’s why we had to move. Some families are moving to different places in the forest, to create family units and they need more privacy.

So it looks like the dragons trusted the medicine man and were looking to save the people. It feels that, they are part of the Dragon’s Soul Group , the people are .They are reincarnated souls of the dragons , so this is why the dragons were trying to save the people and bring them all together, so they can survive in this time . The medicine man told us, we are reincarnated souls of the dragons and that they are helping us trying to remember that, so that we can all go to a higher realm together. Dragons knew, they are not going to stay in this reality for too long so they are trying to collect their soul group. It seems like the people somehow felt this, as they were not afraid of them when they showed up and even dough, the villagers don’t see what the wise man can see , they trust him and go along with what he is seeing.

How does he look like?

He has white hair, darker skin but still Asian, he looks funny and mysterious, with a really good sense of humor. (How do you spend your time now?)

Well, my parents passed away and right now, I am helping the medicine man bring people together, because he says there is going to be a ritual to help all of us remember, to give us our memories back. So, I am helping him collect certain plants for that, he tells me how they look or how they smell, I find them in nature and put them in my basket. I think he is going to make a drink from that.

I am now seeing the dragons, they are really big, bigger than trees and kind of scary but they let us touch them .They are hovering over the village like a hen watching it’s eggs, they are protecting the village .They look very similar to the ones in the books, with big claws and big yellow eyes .There is three of them and sometimes they let us ride them. (Do you fly with them?) Yes, it feels like nothing I’ve felt before. Sometimes they are taking me to different places, over the ocean, like dry places with sand and less green .I feel they want me to know more about the land and they talk to me, telepathically but I understand them just a little bit. Sometimes they call me, like there is a voice in my head and it feels like a friend calling you for company. I spend most of my time with them now and not as much with the village, because I feel like I am connected to them , they make me feel peaceful.( Are you the only one riding them ? ) Just me and the medicine man. (Do you share your endeavors with the villagers?). No, I feel this is my experience.

You said earlier that the medicine man asked you to bring certain plants for the ceremony.

Can you tell me more about that?

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