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The Inner Earth People

Will use "P" for prcatitioner here and "C" for client:

Client finds herself, away from a modern futuristic city in front of a cave . She’s young girl wearing a long dress holding some old ancient books .There is a man there, that looks like Merlin the wizard, with long white beard inviting her in Going inside she finds herself on an illuminated narrow path with somewhat of a soft soil. She sees a lake to her left that had multicolored stones by the shore .

P: Does this feel like a special place ?

C: Yes , it feels familiar, I think I am inside inner earth. I can see a lady, she says her name is Athena . She’s very kind and warm, she’s holding my arms saying “welcome “. I am finding myself in some sort of a classroom now, I see other students there . She’s telling me that I am not done studying.

P: Is that why you are there for more lessons?

C: Yes , lessons of the soul , she tells me . There is a book with something on page five and as I am opening the book, it looks like very archaic, lots of symbols, it look like Braille language and as I am touching the symbols with my finger it’s giving me the signals that I need, the codes that I need, in my body and that turns into the knowing the understanding that I need at this time . 

So, as they are more students in this class, each book is customized for certain individuals. Those are more than just books, they are biological books that has each student DNA and it teaches you based on your soul evolution and your contracts and your lessons, it teaches you what to do in order to fulfill your journey, I guess. So, when I do that, I feel that my heart is opening and I get the message “ In my heart not in my mind “ so , she tells me that I have to learn to bypass the mind.This a special book that I can come back too when I need .

P: It looks like a very special book .

C: Yes, this book, if opened by someone else will be blank, I am the only one that can open my book, as it’s made from my DNA , so it’s like a key that I have, to open this book, same for the other students and their own books.

The client is moved now to another important day in the same life that she’s viewing.

P: What is happening, what do you see ? 

C: I am older, I am still there, but in a room that feels like a temple . There is some sort of a poll or a stand that has a crystal sphere on top with water coming from the ground, shoots throughout the poll into the crystal bowl that is levitating, not touching or being supported by the stand . 

P: What does that sphere do ?

C: It’s giving information. So, this is a temple, where I come to meditate, I live here, I am teaching. So whenever I need information, I put my hands on this crystal bowl/sphere and the water runs through me , through my hands and the information that I need, it gets transferred like symbols and codes. When I touch the water, it gets inside my skin, my body and it just floods my whole being with knowledge, the codes that are flushing my body are like blue water crystals, there are numbers, codes, symbols penetrating my body .

P: And you are getting this while you are inside this temple ?

C: Yes , the floor here is like travertine or marble, the stand that holds the sphere is the same and there is a wall to my left with a cascade and as I look straight ahead there is a window where I can see outside a meadow with beautiful flowers.

P: What kind of information are you getting through those codes and symbols?

C: Ancient knowledge comes to mind. So , if I raise my hands and touch the sphere, I’ll get the knowledge that I need to move on with my life path . So this knowledge that comes to me, I see it as electricity that goes inside my blood vessels and it gets carried into my spine . My spine is like a library, it has a lot of floors so as I gather knowledge from the crystal sphere it goes down my root chakra and then it builds up but not like kundalini, it looks like pieces of puzzles one on top of the others. I am told this is a download and it feels vibrating but like a warm buzz, very warm tingling love .

P: Is this pouring into you right now ?

C: Yes , I am supposed to integrate this knowledge and take it very seriously, it is now in my spine and all I have to do is “ think it” and it will come forth.

P: Enjoy this fantastic connection that you have right now and when you are done, let me know if there is something else there that you like to explore here .

C: No ….. The client is moved to the last day of that life 

P: Where are you ? 

C: I am still inside earth and I am old but the body can still be sustained but I don’t want to stay here anymore, I  choose to go

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