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The After Life

Hi Guys, I’ve had the pleasure to conduct a session for this amazing lady medium/psychic. She saw herself in the afterlife, being greeted by Jesus and other beautiful light beings. Here are a few words from her and I will post more about the podcast will do next week together in regards with her experience, it’s going to be a blast

“ After the regression was over, I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I was still in shock over what I have felt and see. During the session, I immediately saw Jesus and it was He, who comes to get me after I passed away from the life before the one I am currently in. He shows me a school I am on the other side and that I will go back to after I pass in this life time. Within that school setting, I was shown why I picked my family, what’s my goal for this life time and why I have struggled with mental health issues so significantly. I was shown so much and those emotions were real. I can’t count how many times I’ve burst into tears. I still remember not wanting to leave, it was pure bliss. I also interacted with Higher Vibration Beings. I highly recommend Dolores Cannon book - Between Death and Life - it changed my life and will change yours as well. I hope by sharing my experience it helps you open your mind to what you were taught, what you currently believe and allow yourself to be open when it comes to what happens when we die. But what I wish for the most, is for your fear of dying to be diminished “

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