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Something Unexpected

I had a client recently, sweet lady in her 40’s trying to get over her breakup with most recent boyfriend. She would not understand why she keeps attracting the same type of man( abusive) , over and over again .

She was born in Japan and as a kid her mom used to beat her up all the time and lock her outside of the house ( sometimes naked ) from the age of three . She was terrified and ashamed , waiting for her dad to return from work to let her in . Dad would come home at the end of the day but  sometimes he would not ( apparently he was busy chasing women ) . He left the family when she was 15 years old .

In the session she saw herself at the age of three , lock out of the house , crying and scared . When I moved her back to her mom’s tummy she felt disconnected but content . Now, I normally take them Before they were born from here but this time I had a strong urge to see her born . So , there she was in the hospital in a ” small white box” . Next to her was dad . I asked her about mom and she said ” she’s resting on the bed but she’s not doing to good ” . I asked her to project her consciousness over her mom’s bed and tell me more about it . When she did that , she was very puzzled screaming : “That not my mom “ . From that point on we both understood that , the women in the hospital that gave birth to her was her dad’s mistress that passed away after she had the baby . Dad not knowing what to do , took her home to his wife . This made totally sense to my client why she was abused like that .

Lots of healing and forgiveness was done by the HS . We were both so puzzled and amazed by this .

We never have a dull moment with the wisdom of the SC . So grateful to be able to do this work 🙂

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