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Old system's are collapsing - an Angel's mission

The client ( Angela) is experiencing herself as an angel that has a counterpart here on earth . Her mission is to spread knowledge for the times ahead . E: Can you tell me a little more about your mission? A: I am here to spread knowledge. The old systems will collapse, it’s changing now . Those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear will understand and recognize. The energy is so strong now that hearing, seeing and feeling things will act as triggers to reawaken their own higher self and from there it’s their own soul purpose to dig deeper. It’s all out there for us, we just need to tune in . E: How can one tune in ? A: We need to shed the layers of programming that we have built in our system. It can be done, it’s more challenging for others because they choose those challenges, it’s for our soul growth, so we need to trust the process - Dolores Cannon was right when she said “ Do not live in fear, fear is holding everyone back “. We need to take away the fear by trusting in your love and find the inner guidance, because that’s the only place it will come from, nobody will bring it for you, it’s all within ourselves, we just need to step back into it and once will bring it forth it will explode. The New Earth is ready for us , it’s a great magnificent world that’s right around the corner . E : It seems it’s pretty close now A: It’s close , it’s only far if you believe that it’s far but the door it’s open now, we just need to walk through! E: How can we find that door and walk through it ? A : Don’t separate yourselves from each other, don’t separate yourself from what we think it’s non living because everything has life, we really are All One interconnected living beyond the soul, we are One still back to the infinite God . E: How did we separate ourselves ? A: It was an experience, it really was and it got out of hand. People selfishness and not only people, you see, when creation started, we buddied off, we grew into our own beings . Those who were pure remained pure and those who weren’t drifted on their own free will , they wanted to drift but they moved too far from the Light and that’s when the darkness came . E: How can we now step through the door towards the New Earth ? A:The New Earth is here, you’ll have to work at it . We have to figure it out ourselves, it’s part of the awakening process . Surrender and let go, free the mind, take control over the thoughts, cut out the monkey chatter the movie that wants to play in the head. If you can’t stop it, you can change the scenery, bring in more visions of happiness of joy and the light that we came from. E: When do you think this shift will be completed, when the majority will step through that door ? A:I don’t know but I do know no one will be left behind, it’s now shifted to the point that no one will be left behind. E: Are we going to shift through our own consciousness or will have help from our star brothers and sisters? A: Both, will also have help and then it will come to a point that we will not need help anymore , Earth will be a place of balance and high vibrations and will become an inter dimensional place that beings from other planets will visit, stay if they’ll want to or come or go as they please . E: Can you tell me more about them ?

A: There is help now through the inter dimensional realm, there are always helping . Whomever has the ability to connect, they are coming through for them but not a lot of people are quite there yet . E: What can we do more of ? A: We are on the right path, don’t think too much about what it needs to be done because that takes the focus away from enjoying what is already here for us to enjoy, if more needs to be done you will know as we’re always guided. So many are caught up to be doing more to be pleasing others that we forget to enjoy the moment, this is a changing world we have to be aware of that. What can you tell us about the unrest in our world right now, this coronavirus ? E: Everybody has their kind of interpretation but it’s all part of the bigger plan . Whomever is affected by this is part of the bigger Divine Plan . The suffering is not really suffering that’s why it is so important to awaken and see things from a higher perspective because then you’ll realize it takes place in the physical realm but it’s really a spiritual path . That body being affected by this disease it’s really choosing an exit plan out of this earthly experience.This will end soon and there is a cure coming, this is not going to be long lasting . People who have that spiritual connection are helping through their thoughts, meditation and vibrations. E: Do you have any advice at this time ? A: Be patient, love yourself more , get out of your head and don’t focus too much on what’s being said or done . Nothing is being in vain, it’s all for a higher purpose anyway.

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