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New Earth vs. Old Earth

Client finds himself in front of a crystalline path like a sidewalk . He’s very tall, white skin, wearing a blue shimmery robe with a golden belt around his waist . The head is oval with blue silver color hair, pointy ears, a small mouth and tiny nose but really big dark eyes. Quite skinny in his appearance, exuding a very wise energy. As he walks he finds himself in front of a crystal temple with very tall carved wooden doors.Opening the doors he sees blue light beings welcoming him inside . He walks through the temple, arriving in front of a huge transparent blue sphere . As he touches the sphere he’s being told that his vibration is a match, the sphere splits open to where he gets invited to step in.

P: Is this an organic sphere ?

C: Yes, as I walked in, we are lifting off into the sky very fast taking me into Sirius A, I am told. So, in a split of a second, I am here getting off now . I see a blue being welcoming me, Eva is her name and she’s Arcturian . We are jumping into a shuttle now and soon it’s stopping on a top of a mountain. Looking down I see a beautiful red carpet as a walkway into a gathering of beings .Getting closer I am surrounded by Mantis beings, little Greys, Arcturians , Lion people and Light  Beings, this place is made of light stone, round, like a Roman type arena , that starts from high up and as it goes narrowing down,  in the middle there is Huge Source of Golden Energy , almost shapeless but very tall, coming out of this Cooper ring. This apparently is a Being that talks to the crowd and it came out because it was summoned . They are talking politics of some sorts, and around this Golden  Being, I see a council of wise men. Eva is telling me that what I am seeing is the present, is happening now and they are talking about the Earth Affairs.

So, it looks like the earth made it through what I see as a huge white  round mirror, that looks like a Star Gate. Inside this star-gate it seems to be a lot of electricity and when the earth went through this, things got stripped away somehow. So, what I see happening , a lot of things and beings, that were not of the “right vibration “ were left behind into an old version of earth. It’s  like a split and the New Earth, looks like an egg that was laid by the hen, it’s so white bright and pure but if I look in the back version of earth, I see wars, blood and suffering. I don’t like what I am seeing, so I am just going to focus on the new earth .

P: When did this happen, was it recent ?

C: This is not linear . The way this is working, you have to align your consciousness to the new aspect of the New Earth that you’re vibrating with.This exist already but as your consciousness expands and your matching the new earth frequency vibration you’re finding yourself there, if that makes sense. So, at this point everything is set in place but you have to find what you’re resonating with, the new or the old . It really depends on where you are in your consciousness evolution, the higher you go, the more shinier the place is for you .

P: Do you see a lot of people experiencing the New Earth?

C: It seems that 75% of the people on earth , they are moving toward the new earth , some of them are there some are not, because this is quantum so, whomever is supposed to go to the new earth they are working towards it . Imagine the new earth like the Fibonacci spiral and those are all the possibilities of the “ new earths” …. If you can picture not just one new earth, it’s like a chain.You will go to the place that you resonate with, for example, I will go to the one in the middle, that’s still the new earth but a different aspect of it. So, this is a Being, the New Earth is a Being with different aspects, where I go because my frequency vibration resonates with that, meaning, I am in the new earth but I still have to perfect myself in order to go down the Fibonacci spiral if you will, in order to get to the very light and bring new earth. So, those 75% of the people they go to the version of the new earth that is a match. One can go to the very bottom of this, the more dense place and some can go all the way to the top version if they perfected their soul, it’s a cycle .

P: What else is the council or the Light Being saying?

C: They are very proud of the humans and want to help so much, but can’t really interfere due to the law of Free Will. In some instances , there is karma involved and you have to let the humans evolve or you have to be asked for help . You see at this time, there are a lot of ships around earth that are buffering the energies coming from the sun .

P: Can you tell me more about that ?

C: There are energies coming from the Central Sun through the Sun towards the new earth / all aspects of it . So, there are fleets of ships assigned to each “aspect” of the new earth that carry the same vibration of that specific earth and the beings living there. Those fleets are buffering the energies coming from the sun allowing a certain flow to wash over the earth that they are assigned too in order to increase the vibration of the people. Because our Sun was mingled with, it is not buffering correctly the energies coming from the central sun, therefore help is needed here in order not to destroy the human body and all other beings.

So, the solar flashes coming onto a certain earth aspect  is molded or adjusted to match the frequency of that earth and also to expand the consciousness .This is a gradual process , as you look at this picture of earths forming the Fibonacci spiral , the solar flashes coming and hitting ground are somewhat of a matching frequency of that place. As I am looking at this , the earth aspect that is more dense has more ships around it, shielding, versus to the lightest  version of earth that has just one or two ships around because the beings here are so evolved, they are matching the frequency of the Solar flashes that are coming .

P: So what do you think it will happen in the end ?

C: What I am seeing is like “ Russian Dolls” . The earth that is heaviest will merge into the earth that is less heavy because the vibration will match due to people raising and expanding their consciousness. So, from “two aspects” of earth it will become one and so on , until it forms a one complex New Earth that is shiny and bright . So everything is a process , there is more than just one old earth and one new earth . The same will happen with the Old Earth / all the aspects of it . The heaviest will merge into the less heavy one and so on . Now the lightest version of the “old earth”  will go through that window/ star-gate towards the new place/new earth but there is a time frame here , I think we have a bit less than twenty years to do this .

P: Who’s telling you all this ?

C: I hear it from the Light Being inside that cooper circle . The beings there are so worried because what happens here on earth is not easy, that’s why they love us so much, knowing we signed up for something so heavy, they see we are suffering and they are sending so much love, patience and encouragement, just pure light for all the beings on the planet .

P: Do they have any advice ?

C: Stay in the heart, be yourselves, do not compare with anybody else , as we all carry different gifts to make this happen….

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