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Jeshua's Light-Workers

Hi guys, I wanted to share a tidbit of this QHHT session where my client wanted to know a bit more about her meeting people lately , that followed Jeshua back in the days .The client, having a successful career in her life, she felt the urge few years back to get out of the corporate world and follow the spiritual path . 

Me: Lately, She’s been meeting people that were present in the life of Jesus Christ , what can you tell us about this? 

Client: Well, Jeshua is one of the Highest Beings that are overseeing this planet and it’s development and for those that worked with Jeshua during the time when he was crucified and around before or after that time, they were the earlier Light Workers as you might say and they’ve come back to be together now to do the work for the purpose of solidifying it. So the way I would explain it to her, that first stage was like a toddler learning to walk and now that you are more mature light workers you are able to hold the light even more and you, as Adult Light Workers can anchor the light in a more permanent way . In this way it would be held more secure for Gaia and Humanity so we can create heaven on earth .

Me: Someone has told her that she was Mark from the Bible , is this true ? 

Client: Yes, Mark was setting up various churches and creating places of love , blessings and light. As Mark, in this lifetime, she is continuing the work , not so much by building churches but creating energetic ones, that people congregate in and feel comfortable, this will continue to hold the light .

Me: Sometimes she’s speaking what we call Light Language , what can you tell us about that ?

Client : The language is God language , it does everything, transmutes, it fixes,it heals, it does what’s needed at the time . There is nothing to fear just follow your instincts.

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