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How to Transmute Energy

Hi guys ,

I wanted to share this with you all , as it was a great reminder for me that at times , some of us are just here to transmute and let go of certain emotions or energies that are not of the Higher Vibration( any volunteers out there 😉?) 

E: What can you tell us about the ascension energies going on right now ?

HS: So, there is an intensification of people feeling certain negative emotions more intensely. The initial thought that one might think is “ why am I going through this again , I thought I am done with this , why is this emotion coming back , Am I failing this”? This is a clearing up , the only way to clear an emotion from the body is to live them & let them go , to acknowledge and release them . They will be released when you are acknowledging them,  instead of you saying “ stop coming , I don’t want to deal with this anymore “ you have to say “ I feel this right now and I accept it because it was here before I came . I took it and now I am releasing it “ . This is what we are doing right now , we are releasing energies, because sometimes we embody energies that we are not even aware through our programming, so when things manifest themselves to you that don’t make sense ask : for example “ why am I being aggressive , this is so not like me “ . It might not be like your True Self but it may be very much like your dad or like your ancestors as you embody that energy and now you are releasing it . It’s not you , so you have to be patient and release what comes through.

E: So , if I understand this correctly, we are not releasing only our trauma , we are also releasing our collective our ancestors as well ?

HS: when you say “ our trauma , it’s your personality here on earth, you inherit a collective first of all . It’s like if you are raised by dogs you don’t have any human trauma, do you, you simply act like a dog .You are being given both , individual lessons on top of what it was transmitted to you from the collective . So right now you might have cleared up if you’re lucky the personal trauma , but a lot of the programming that you are using to function it’s coming from the collective. So, especially if you chose this path to be a Transmuter of energy in this life you do have that ability and power to do so .

E: Then what would be the best way to release and transmute such emotions?

HS : First of all you have to Acknowledge it , when you feel something that is foreign to you, that doesn’t feel familiar ask “ if I am not like this what is like this ?” The answer will come to you, maybe a father or a grandfather, a boyfriend , people around you , etc which means you are releasing something from the collective through you in ways that maybe you are not aware at times consciously. So you have to sit with that emotion or feeling and say “ this is not me” look at that particular emotion and let it go . Do not project it back to the collective ( aka your family , friends, etc) as it was done in the past by people not being aware of this . So let’s just say you are dealing with anger . Acknowledge it , “I see anger but this is not me, I release the anger and I am anchoring my Light “ this is how you’re clearing up .

Thank you for reading!

love2all ❤️


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