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Healing Asthma and mold in the lungs

Hello beautiful people 🥰. A recent client of mine, came to see if we can heal her asthma and mold in her lungs. Breathing was a bit scarce and heavy. She first developed this when she was 7 years old living with her parents and four other siblings. All her life she lived in pain and fear of not being able to take the next breath. Her Subconscious mind showed her a life, as a rich merchant man, with a beautiful family and two small kids, boy and girl. His son ran away one day, after after Dad scolded him, and he was never found. Dad ( my client) died soon after that, due to an boat accident. Calling the Higher Self we got to understand this was a carryover from that life into the present one. She felt suffocated by life from the age of 7( this was same age as her son died in previous life ). The soul remembered at that time the pain and brought it back into the body manifesting as asthma. This was also a way to get attention from mom, as the little girl needed regular visits to the hospital. Her HS said she was carrying a lot of guilt and grief in her lungs because the loss of her son in that past life, this was why she felt so constricted and suffocated. Her son is currently present in this life as her youngest child, so they can mend past karma. I asked if she’s ready to release all of this now so we can start the healing. The SC said she’s resisting the healing because she likes the attention of other people ! Asking the client conscious mind to come forth once again, she understood this is not beneficial anymore and she can leave a much happier life if she accepts the healing – she agreed 🥰. The Higher Self worked on her DNA first to change old thinking patterns and then strengthened her bronchial tubes along with removing some of the mold from her lungs with White Light Force Energy. The mold will take a bit more to be completely removed but it will be done. She was also told to accept this life and Mother Earth . She needs to ground daily and embrace the beauty of this planet. Because she’s not lived here a lot of lives, she was rejecting this incarnation and trying to escape. Life felt very suffocating.

When she woke up she had a big smile on her face and more color. She’s now accepting better this life and will continue to work with her Higher Self. She left light on her feet and hopeful towards her new life. Before she was out the door, she told me she had past lives before but this one was by far the most beneficial because she really got to understand the roots cause of her asthma and the overall pain in the body, how the healing was done and what does she needs to do from here on, in order not to manifest this is the body.

Hope you’ve enjoyed ❤️,


Elena Blaj

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