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Forgiveness; A Double Edged Sword

John, a sweet and gentle man came to find out why his CM was holding so much fear :Fear of spiritual practice , fear of being around ppl, doesn’t deserve to live and want to die , pain in his heart and lots of grief.

He came to America from Poland , 20 some years ago with his wife . Soon they had a baby girl . His wife couldn’t cope with leaving her family behind and took the little girl and went back home , before the kid turned 3 years old . While I was asking questions about this situation in his life , John was sad but composed. He learned to live without them and immersed himself into finding spiritual awareness. He never remarried . Coming from an abusing family as a child his parents really made an impact in his life , letting him frail and sensitive to the outside world .

The first scene he saw himself engulfed by darkness , he was a bit uneasy as Darkness had a lower energy to it . I suggested a light coming his way and he was out of the darkness in a second, but he felt chased by this . He was running to escape , more like flying. His body felt like an insect and was able to take shelter in a cave . The cave walls were dark and dump . He flew away again and landed on a flying eagle . A certain peace and calmness took over . I asked if the eagle was much bigger than him and also if it was aware of its presence. I got and “yes” . Turns out the eagle was his guide “ Akash” . I asked permission to go over some questions and was wondering what was the darkness of the first scene . Akash said that was “his hell”. A bit puzzled by it , I asked him to tell me more about this . The client saw himself in a crowd . Somebody was burned at the stake . Big wave of emotion came over John , he was crying . The man that was tied up was his brother . They were both part of the Knight Templars and they were chased by the King’s Army . His brother gave himself up in order to save him . He was  able to escape but his heart was broken and full of guilt . After he saw his brother burned at the stake , John took his own life .

I called in the HS and asked about this life as a Templar .

“He needs to forgive his himself , his brother and release the guilt of his brother’s  death.”

This made me understand on a deeper level that forgiveness has always two parts . In order to fully release and let go of a certain trauma or Karma , you have to remember this is a two edged sword.

Forgive the one who’s hurt you but remember you always have to forgive yourself as well .

The HS rewired his neural pathways and released the hurt in his heart  . Forgiveness was done for both parents also himself , as a child you see things different than an adult . He now understood , they have done the best they could under the circumstances .

He also needed to accept his body more and Trust his Heart not his mind 🙂

Thank you for reading!



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