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Feeling Different / I don'tBelong !

Hi guys, often clients coming for their QHHT session are asking - “ Why do I feel different and unfit in this world, I feel as if I don't belong?”

I know many of us resonate with this. This is what the Subconscious had to say in a recent session:

“ You had to come here as being different, because if you were to fit in, you will be fully distracted and everything you wanted to accomplish, will fall into the waste side. You would’ve been too comfortable and too involved in this physical life. You would not care or feel to do things differently, you would’ve been content - this is what makes you so special.

So, we choose to come in and feel unfit to serve a higher purpose?

Yes, because otherwise you will fall into distractions but if you feel you don’t fit in, you’re always searching, seeking, trying to remember your mission. You would fall into the ways of this earth and be trapped onto parts that don’t matter the bigger picture. It’s like a mechanism put in place to find your purpose and learn your lessons.”

For me, this made a lot of sense…

Hugs, Elena

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