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Burn Out

Doris, called for a QHHT session. She said that she needed some direction in life and healing for her skin and scalp . She had eczema , all over her body and head. Day of the session, I met this very frail anorexic woman , that could barely get of her car . She seemed old and tired but with a certain light in her eyes .

She wanted advice and healing for her inflamed knees and bloated tummy along with the rash all over her body . As a kid , mom took her to the dentist for braces and they were hurting so bad that made her threw up . She then realized that , there was a certain high in Bulimia so she continued to do it for 30 years .

For work , she said that she’s a massage therapist but she’s getting tired of it . Also looking to make more open minded friends .

Session : PL , she saw herself a young , strong man in front of multiple pyramids. He was wandering around looking to make friends . He was always walking, searching for company , trying to relate with ppl .but felt lonely and detached. He walked and walked the hot desert until his body gave up and left the physical. When I asked the HS why did they show her this life , I was told that she’s looking for friends in the wrong places . She is to go to a metaphysical place so,she can feel more like home .

The eczema on her body was due to her “getting burned out” by doing massages and also by getting affected of harmful words of others .Needs to remember that everybody has a right to their own opinion and that has nothing to do with her , is just a projection of their hurt and suffering, that all .She must remember who she really is .

She needs to grow a “thicker skin “as they say . Also was advised to find a spiritual place where she can help others with Reiki and diet advice. She is a healer, very gifted one, that has a lot of knowledge about food and working with energy but she forgot , or better yet, dismissed it . Healing was done on her body and scalp . The scalp issue , was her not getting the messages right from the HS . She was blocking them with her CM . Meditation and grounding was advised . Her body didn’t resonate well with this world ( she only had five earthly lives) and she felt unfit all her life .

The bloated tummy was due to her diet , as in not enough and lots of raw foods . She was lacking amino acids to break down the food properly so cooking the food/ vegetables a bit before eating would do the trick .

Her ovaries were Also inflamed by her body not having regular periods in life and also had some cysts due to the shame of not wanting kids while she was married.

Inflamed Knees were a sign that she was not moving enough to get rid of the stagnant energy in her body and also she needs to change direction in where she’s going and doing for work . Yoga and walking would be beneficial.

She forgot the joy in her life , being a free spirit in the beginning she felt constricted by the society rules and regulations. Being in nature and doing what brings her joy will help her shift the sadness in her .

She left feeling much lighter and I was very amused when she was walking back to her car . She looked younger and was even speed walking a bit , hehe .



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