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Arcturians Help the Essassani Race

After a trip into childhood memory lane, “Julia” saw herself inside a ship, admiring the beautiful cosmos. Big panel windows were providing a mesmerizing view. She was getting distracted by sensing a lot of kids near her that wanted attention; they wanted to be read a story. I asked if the kids belong to her and she thought so.

E: Describe yourself for me.

J: I am blue. I have four fingers and my toes, I have two toes that look like hoofs.

E: What about your body?

J: I am really tall .Tall and thin, I think I am wearing a dress, kind of like the ones geisha’s wear and my face is thin, no hair. My eyes are big and black. I also have a big head, but I am really happy. I am having fun with the kids.

E: Do you have a mate?

J:Yes , she’s somewhere , I am looking for her .She’s smaller than me , she looks gray and she’s different .She’s so skinny and grey .

E: What do you call her? (Maya) What is she calling you? ( Aeany) .

E: Do you have a lot of kids? (It looks like 15) Who do they look like?

The voice was a bit more groggy, slurry…

J: They look more like her. They want my attention, they are learning.

E: What are they learning?

J: They are learning blocks (?), they are learning to be human, they are learning emotions.

E: Tell me more

J: Feeling emotions, counting, they are learning math. They are telepathic, we show each other image. So if I think of a number they respond. I am showing them, I am teaching them .They are good students. They want more.

E: What is your job on this ship?

J: We live here .It’s a small ship with different rooms. Like lofts but they are separated, different furniture that separates everything .There is also a lab, there are somethings that look like tools . I think I am experimenting.( what kind of experiments?)I don’t know, maybe DNA experimenting.

E: Where do you get your DNA from?

J: People, there is people on the ship. (Humans?) Yah, Pretty women :). They are in robes and they are well taken care of, and they are in glass tubes sleeping beds, so they are asleep.

E: How did they get there?(They volunteered ) . How are you extracting their DNA? Blood, we take out blood, and we test it. We take good care of them; make sure they are feeling ok. The blood, someone else is putting it on a tray, then I go look at it .I am trying to make sure that is compatible, that is pure .There is also eggs in the dishes, human eggs in the dishes .Once the eggs get fertilized we have to put them back .I think they are pregnant, the ladies are pregnant and we are ready for them to go in labor, maybe soon, so they don’t know that they are pregnant.

E: How long is the gestation period?

J: No more than 3 months. (How are those babies born?) Not natural, surgery. We are careful , no scars . The babies are small, they are premature, so lots of care.

E: What kind of DNA are those babies carrying, Humans and yours? Hybrids babies?

J: They are hybrid babies, humans and Sassani .We are helping the Sassani the Zeta’s. ( What race are you ?) Arcturians , we are helping the Zeta’s .

E: What happened to their race?

J: Too much Karma .They are dying, we are trying to save their race, it’s not their fault. The soul can be reborn in this hybrid race, the Sassani .

E: So all those children on the ship are Sassani , hybrid kids, looking up to you as their dad ?

J: Yes, they want to feel parents. They want their parent, but I am not their parent, I am just creating them.

E: Can you tell me a bit more how are you able to bring those women inside the ship?

J: It’s a good question. From Earth, they are sleeping, we make sure the women are asleep and the Zeta’s help .We have to go to earth and beam the light, the ship helps us know where they are, but I can also hear them, remember them. I go down to the homes, make sure nobody’s hearing us and take them. They go through the door , they are sleepwalking and the soon as they go outside they go into the ship .We beam then up , and they are ok , they don’t know what happening , but we try to take good care , no scratches ,make sure that are safe , no harm to the body . They need to feel safe. (Are they conscious?). No, but in the same time they know what to do. (What do you mean?) . Their eyes are closed but they are walking , so it’s like their body knows what to do and how to get on board and they just know that we are here , the SOUL knows that we are here .The Soul knows that we are coming , so it remembers , that’s why they can sleepwalk .( they have that program in them ?) Yes, yes. (Did they make a contract with you?) Yes, they are very happy to help; they feel bad for the Zeta’s. The mistakes, It’s ok, but we help each other.

E: Can you elaborate on those mistakes?

J: Bad contacts with the reptiles, sold their souls. They didn’t evolve , to submissive ,too submissive race , they let others control their destiny .They didn’t take power of themselves , didn’t have courage to take faith , no faith to grow and they let others come in and take over .They were scoundred and unfortunately , slaves , Zeta’s were slaves and few ask for help and we help .

E: So the Zeta’s asked you the Sassani for help.

J: The Zeta’s are the Sannani hybrids, Sassani are hybrids of humans and Zeta’s. Zeta’s are extraterrestrials, tiny little things, but we help each other, we help create Sassani .

E: I was wondering, those pregnant women, do they stay the whole 3 months on the ship, or you dropped them off on earth and then pick them up as the get closer to have the baby?

J: It depends, some show belly some don’t .So, the ones that show belly have to stay because if they look down and see the belly they get afraid, so maybe they can remember and we don’t want trauma for them .So we help incubate in spaceship, incubate the babies and the mom’s and then we take them out and other Zeta’s that are there, help, but the babies want their mom, so it’s hard. We teach, but we can’t give certain emotions , I can’t give emotions , I can only teach numbers , logic , stories and feed them .( what do you feed them ?) Vegetables, we need food from planet earth but we also feed then better things, teach them ….like, like… we don’t eat food. (How do you sustain your body?) Light Body, we breathe in light. But yes, the ship helps with that nourishing of body because; they don’t have a home, so we need to find them a home (like a planet?) Yes, a planet, we are waiting for the planet, so in the meantime we are on the spaceship. The children, even though they look like kids, they are quite old souls, very wise and sometimes they go and peak in to see their parents, like their mom.

E: So, do you teach them about their heritage, you tell them the truth?’

J: Yes, the truth, Always!

E: What happened to the women that are not showing a belly, do you return them to earth?

J: Yes, they are very happy, they are so happy because of the baby inside, but they don’t know why they are so happy, ha-ha .Hormones makes them happy! But we can’t tell them the truth but they are fun to watch .The baby enjoys the three months also , because , they are living with their mom’s , It’s better this way to live a bit on the planet and FEEL what the mom is feeling , but this is not always a happy case . Sometimes the mom has trauma and sad feelings, so that’s why we test the blood to be pure, make sure not too many traumas when they are babies, the hybrids.

E: Tell me please what happens with the ones that are showing belly? How are you being able to keep them for three months without anybody realizing that they are missing?

J: Oh , that’s a good question .Sometimes we can’t hide it , we can’t always hide that people are missing and its problematic .We have good intentions and sometimes we make up stories for the mom , so they can explain why they were missing .( so are you implanting stories ?) . Yes , thoughts , sometimes they have really good vacations and romances, beautiful stories , so not to worry , but yes we have to compromise for a good cause .

E: Are there a lot of beings on this ship?

J: Not to many, there are some Arcturians that are working and tinny Zeta’s that are curious and they like to play with the hybrids. The thing is they don’t understand them, the kids, they don’t connect .The Hybrids connect to humans, Zeta’s want to connect but they can’t. Is just an old system, and they are not evolved. Sometimes Zeta’s incarnate on earth humans or hybrids, and also, maybe stillborn baby just for the experience to Feel the baby, to learn. We help them go in and out of the body to experience emotions because they don’t have that. That’s why they had big problems with the reptiles, because they couldn’t feel emotions (they were too innocent that why?) yes, not their fault. We are all created different and we learn too, we learned emotion through them as well.

E: Aeany , was is your relationship with Julia ?

J: She is hybrid; she is an aspect of me on earth. She is very wise old soul (client is in her late 20”s) .Wisdom on earth, Julia, helps humans heal. She helps people with her big heart. She had to go through trauma so she can relate better and understand .She “ Feels “so much and this is Good ! She needs to keep going and don’t be afraid, Arcturians help.

E: Is she here for the ascension process?

J: She can’t know, I’ll think of answer. She has to try to love herself and then ascend. (Can you give me an example pls?) Think Positive, be gentle, you criticize too much and she’s beautiful. Love your body , love silliness , love joyfulness .Be able to express yourself , love yourself , purpose is to express love for self , don’t criticize .

We called in the HS after this and Julia got all her answers and some healing. She is supposed to ascend in 2066 …

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