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Andromeda Constellation/In the Future

After his first PL,  I have moved “John”to another time another place . He told me that he is in the future and saw himself on a platform looking at a white tall building that formed the letter M . The legs/columns of the building were very tall allowing a beautiful landscape of water and trees underneath to give an amazing view . The beings around had a small green body , with a big balloon type head , almost the same size as the torso, long four fingers at each hand . Eyes were big , round and pointed , towards the outside . They were wearing a grey suit , “normal”for them, but nothing on the head. They lived on ships or on the land when they needed to. They had more freedom to come and go , they are more flexible.The place looked very far away, the light was different, the sun was different. This was their planet , where they lived in peace and harmony with the land, enjoying advanced technologies. The don’t hurt the planet and everything is very green . I asked him if he looks the same and he said no , I am blue with four toes . But I am taller , head is normal compared to the body . What about your face features? I look a bit like an animal , it’s a mix between a tiger and a lion . My jaw is strong and my arms are blue, four fingers long tail . I am like a cat with no hair, with a brown type jacket on, no sleeves. I am male , agil, flexible, walking on two legs( he later told me that he looked like the beings in the Avatar movie ) What are you doing here , on this planet ? I am here to observe them , they are highly intelligent and they are showing me that , you can be intelligent and have technology without having to hurt the planet . Do you come here often ? I feel that I have friends here and they are showing me that it’s possible to live mindful with a place even when you are so advanced. Is your race advanced as well, your home ? No , this is why they are picking me up on the ship , so I can see , learn and tell others . They have a lot of ships and my friend Yuri is the one that takes me places . They go on missions . What kind of missions? They go  around the galaxy and they show their technologies very peaceful and at ease . What galaxy is that ? Andromeda . Yuri , my friend , teaches about life , about their way of being . So , now that you are on this platform, what happens next ? My friend Yuri , comes and picks me up on the ship , they provide the transport.Describe the spaceship for me .

It’s a medium type ship , I see metal , I am on the bottom floor with lots of open space . In the walls are things that belong to the spaceship , like an airplane but with no seats ,I am standing. We folded time and space until the ship reached a destination. I am not home, the sky , the horizon is red . They stopped here, they have to do something, I don’t . I remain on the ship. How does this planet look ? The trees are thicker , brown color , short trees like a broccoli but strong.The soil is very rich , it looks like a mixture of brown and red and the trees , the leaves are all the way to the top , very wide trees . Are there a lot of trees ? Yes , it’s like a forest but this place doesn’t have a lot of people.What else do you see as you look outside? White birds in the distance flying together. This place is lonely , like a new planet but the trees look so old .The sun is really red and the sky is a mixture of green .There are hills also , I think they are seeding this planet .So, they stopped to check the evolution of this place,I think, but everything feels so casual . They are talking me along to show what they are doing , I feel more of a friend.

When moved him again , he saw himself back home with his people . They looked like cats, felines , some were blue some were light brown, walking on two or four legs . There is going to be an announcement, this is some sort of a summit . In this place , I see lots of ships around , we are all,the same but coming from different places . There is something that is of concern for all of us . This one being , with a very strong, powerful voice , looking like a tiger , was very worried. In his world , they were being attacked and he rushed out to tell the others . The problem is that , they were not talking him to seriously, but the threat was real . Some tribes were more inclined not to bother too much because there was still peace all around , so this was just the beginning .Who is invading? Strong, dark energy is doing this . They don’t have good intention but they also have no choice . So once they are in our star system they will invade the others . We could’ve take them by being united but ppl. didn’t listen.

Next scene , he was back on a ship . The ship was not theirs but provided from the Galactic Federation, it was an escape . Other races of beings were there as well . The war was still going .What happened to your planet ? It’s still at war . Yuri helped me to get on the ship . He calls me Kot. So what is your role on this ship now ? I am distinguished, I am not participating in the war , I have to survive and be apart of that , carry the memories and tell others. So what happens next . I think this will take a toll on our race , they suffer to much now , too much loss . The invaders are not here to interact , are here to eliminate.Is this in the near future of earth ? This is the year of 9075.

Moving forward to the last day of his life , he saw himself older now ,on a ship  in a metal pod, grey whiskers around his face . Technology takes care of everything he says . Yuri , his friend was by his side . When I asked him about his home , half planet was destroyed but they were rebuilding. Lots of casualties, he was very sad , the war could’ve been prevented but ppl.didnt listen . He looks at Yuri and he says: Yuri lives longer , his life span is of thousands of years . I am just three hundred years old. He knows I am dying and understands. His race learned to outlive and see others dying before them . They accepted that .

Once he saw himself floating on top of his body , I asked him what was the lesson and the purpose of this life . He said , “it’s part of the bigger plan and the more you are able to understand that everything is necessary, the more you can live without suffering from that “

Thank you all for reading!



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