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Afterlife-The mission of a Facilitator

  1. After visiting a past life, client( Connie)finds herself in a light body drifting and floating to a beautiful, park-like setting place, with harmonious music in the air. White shimmering buildings all around, shaped as temples, with lots of light beings coming and going. Inside one of those temples she saw multiple colored stones vibrating in unison with the music . C: This looks like a healing temple, everything is light here, different vibrations of light. P: Do you see people there ? C:Yes, people come here in their Light Bodies, I think they come here after a physical life, for healing. This is like an “In Between Place”. P: What do you do there ? C: I work here, I am helping with processing the right information and also in the healing chambers. After that, they go to get new assignments. P: Can you tell me more about processing the right information ? C: So, we help integrate the lessons with the information from the life they were just in. Sometimes there are distortions in the frequency and their vibration is not fine tuned, because they are hard on themselves. They are bringing in vibrations that are not serving them, so we help clean and clear those vibrations frequencies. P: How are you doing that ? C: We are using the chambers, the crystals and music. The sounds are hitting the colored crystals and the different colors that resonate out of the crystals is healing and it’s cleaning their frequency. There are lots of people like me that help with raising the vibrational field. P: And then what happens ? C: We prepare them for counseling, they come here first and then, they go to their council. This is their first entry and we help them until they are ready to love themselves and with that, they also clear the distortions. P: Can you tell me more about the distortions ? C: We help them with distortions of self judgement, trauma and distortions of their work there, we help them see the whole paradigm and feel the love in everything, all of the experiences, so they are processed and integrated on a higher vibration. P: How is this helping them? C: It helps the Travelers reintegrate(we call them that), it helps create alignment for the re-entry in higher vibrations, it’s a progression. P: What else can you tell me about your job ? C: I love it , I really enjoy what I do . P : Any other aspects of your job that you can talk to me about ? C: I am a Facilitator and in order to be that, you have to experience being a Traveler first, so then you can create alignment with certain vibrations when a traveler comes back . I like being a facilitator, because I am really good at feeling where they are, so I can help them reintegrate. It’s like I am meeting them at a certain level in their energy field and then bring them to where they should be . To be a traveler you have to visit different worlds and have different experiences, in order to bring the physical world closer to our world and vice versa. Our energies are bringing heaven and earth together but it’s a lot of work that we have to do lately . P: How are you related to Connie ?

  2. C: She is another aspect of me on earth, that is here to bring some facilitator energies to travelers, while they are traveling . She’s helping them with their energy fields, through her vibration. She wants to help speed this process more, so she can pull more information from earth to us and influence expansion and ascension, because it’s happening faster now .P: What does the Light Language do, when she’s channeling it ? C: That’s doing many things, activations for expansion and its delivering and returning information between realms, bringing more light on earth she’s also activating light bodies while in the travel journey. It helps diminish the distortions for a greater expansion. P: Why on earth at this time? C: It helps bring heaven and earth together, there is an activation that brings more of the light body into the physical, so the physical is adopting . Connie is a bit impatient , it’s slower there, linear and dense and the body takes time to adjust, so she needs to allow this process to unfold and enjoy it . She’s bringing so many with her, but it has to wait for the physical to catch up with this process and just enjoy where it’s at, enjoy the openings of life and allow the heart to lead the way. This is just the beginning, she needs to trust herself more and find joy everyday. Things are happening exactly as they should, just open the heart to see all the jewels shining all around you, there is no right way or the wrong way it’s just the Way....

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