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Advice for the Light-workers

How can she improve psychic abilities?

Sc : you have to go within and open everything up. When you do that you’ll be free, when you’re free, you are connected to all and maintain the balance of being human and being spiritual. 

Why is she here at this time ?

Sc: She is needed to help people open up. She has a special connection with people, she’s always had that. In this way she can relate better. Relating to them, helps them open up, understanding them they feel free, when they feel free, they open up their own spirituality. But this is beyond spiritually, it’s a collectivness that needs to be brought on to earth, everyone is feeling this right now. As you’re doing the work we need her and other lightworkers to play their part for what’s coming. She needs to be strong, work on herself, don't lose focus and let go of everyone from the past, always put yourself first. 

How can she be ready for what’s to come ?

Sc: Earth is changing, others are coming on line and together you will help shift to the next dimension, shift to what’s coming . It’s going to come regardless if you’re ready or not. Others are helping right now, other races and inter dimensional beings. 

What can we do now as humans to help move through the door into that new dimension that’s waiting for us ?

Sc:Look within, everyone is looking outside. The answers are not outside, they are inside, everything you want to know is within you, everything. You’ve always had it but you must work through your blocage in order to release. Once they are released the answers will come. This is not hard, humans make it hard, complicating things is not necessary but you have to look inside. People will be free if they look inside, they won’t see darkness, they will see light, once they feel this light they must want to feel this light again and feel worthy of it. 

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