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About the Event

This is just a fragment of a session that I've facilitated recently , where I got a bit of information about the “Event “ . Hope you enjoy 😉

HS: I think the Event is an individual experience.I don’t think is going to be like a Big Bang type of thing and perhaps that is the confusion. Ppl. are looking for a universal single understood and perceived story, but this is a new energetic and it is not what some think , it is so many different things.

E: Would you mind sharing a bit more ?

HS: Well , it’s more of a conscious , creative manifestation, is just as you say people are connecting through this “inter- net”this web , there is also an etheric web connection that works very similar to this , that was in fact the bases for the actual internet and it works its ways very similar to the physical internet .The way its working,  let’s say before your internet, was the Etheric internet , so on the etheric level many things are happening rapidly, we are able to access different information rapidly , individually and communally and by passing this system this process down to density of earth and manifesting it in physical terms it is fractaling out and this fracturing is creating more , just more, more of everything , and the Event , what they are calling the Event is possibly the awareness that this is a Unity counciouselly created .But you see, is not completed and you can’t really say it . Does that make sense to you ?

Is still in birthing process , we have the intention, and the intention is building and building and birthing, it is still not born and while it is not born it cannot be defined , it has not happened.

E: Is it then, per my understanding, not come to fruition energetically therefore its not manifested yet in our reality?

HS: what’s happened with the physical internet and the etheric internet it’s creating a bond where the communication is more easily passed down and accessed and all of this is evolving.

E: So , as more ppl are waking up,they are putting their awareness into this ?

HS:They are focusing their energy , yes .

E: What advice do you have for us then ?

HS: Maintain a high vibration . It is a massive wave of energy and it is much more comfortable for you Be-ings , to rise with it , then be pommolled upon by the gravity of it . So you must rise, you Must raise your vibration so that you can rise with it .

So how can my client here , stay on top of her game right now , as we all feel this frantic energy that is pulling on us from all directions?

Cut away the Density , cut yourself for the density and release it , release , release , don’t hang on to anything.Do not attach yourself to anything or anyone , just flow, flow free Be Light .Release all material things , show Gratitude, being grateful for every moment keeps you Light . Have Love and Gratitude not only in your heart but in your Mind also . The conscious mind is the place, is like a womb , the birthing station where you really have to maintain awareness of staying in the Light .

Thank you  for reading, Elena

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