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A Soul Fragment

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Hello All, this session fragment shared here is curtesy to my amazing client Michael Kramer! Many thanks and much gratitude for his allowance to share this. Michael is an amazing author and you can find more about his books here ""

Thank you Michael for sharing this with the world, I am blessed to have met you ❤️.

"Client is finding himself manifesting different physical or non physical bodies pending on what experience he wants to encounter and the environment he needs to be in at a certain time. After a short encounter as a very tall blue alien, as he was standing up the reality collapsed and he became an Energy Being, pure consciousness with no form. I asked if he can describe the reality around him now:

“C: It’s very bright, I am extending energy out from my heart center to touch other forms, other beings. There are a lot of us here, it’s hard to say how many because we are part of the ONE. There are beings above us that are helping direct our activities and they seem to be wiser than the ones around me. They have a very strong powerful mental energy and they are forming a circle around a blue crystalline ball in the middle that is very, very bright. It’s like an energy center that transfers energy into us and down below.

E: What is the purpose of this?

C: Direct the DNA, functioning of life and how it manifests in different circumstances. This feels like a force or an umbilical cord, like a soul cord that goes into each and every one of us, a communication line with this Higher Self or Higher Force.

E: How does it feel for you?

C:It’s like a sensation that goes through my body, it’s like a feeling that, when it comes in, there is a knowingness, a clear understanding of what needs to be done, or better yet what consciousness needs to do, to express itself.

E: Are the other ones around you receiving the same information or it’s different for each individual?

C: It’s the same energy or communication but when they move down into matter, it becomes more differentiated. I guess, the further we go the more different we become and the way we manifest from the Original Impulse. So, the original impulse is the same but as it goes into the lower realms it changes into different bodies, personalities pending on what physicality that certain space has or that planet.

E: So, as you’re receiving this flow of energy what happens next?

C: I am becoming more individualized and I feel I am receiving an assignment. But this assignment feels so free, it’s like going forth and manifesting, like I have a Free Choice into what I want to do. I am an individual now, I wasn’t before and my consciousness is huge. I am an observer of space, watching and floating and exploring. I am encountering different worlds and I am intersecting with them, watching what’s happening there and becoming interested. There is a part of me that becomes smaller and breaks off and goes into that world and starts exploring. The Larger Me, stays up here but there is a part that splits and realizes “Oh! I can live this life, or “that looks interesting” - I think I want to experience that” and I do that for a while. Also the larger part of me can split again and say “ I want to experience that “ as another piece of Consciousness starts to experience life in a different place. I could be in like 2,3,4 different places at once and everything takes out as a life of its own. I have complete freedom in what I want to do or be, but at the same time I allow my interest to expand - the more defined things can get, the more confined. While this is happening the larger part of me remains intact and when the cycle is completed, I pull out, the Being comes out and completes itself with me and informs me of what’s going on and what those experiences are. Based on this, I make a determination on what I need to do next and where to be. At the same time there are Higher Beings watching but I am detached from it. I am being monitored and how I do things and what’s happening but I am not “being recorded if you may” just observed.

E: So, as you split into many fractals and are done with certain experiences, what happens with you the individual, do you integrate back or you keep your individuality?

C: I am an individual but my personality was not formed, the more experiences I get, the more personality develops. I have a Soul Signature which is unique and the personality is the Over Soul. I haven’t returned back there yet, I have returned once momentarily to Source but I am still journing below so I don’t go back to the more refined regions. I have several parts of myself that are out, experiencing different lives. Some are in the physical some are in the astral, I have various forms going on, that are all an expression of me. I allot qualities that I’ve been developing over periods of time. I can “pinch” those off and allow certain expressions, dynamics or limitations to be expressed as the individual that’s going to be born and manifest, so it takes on the qualities that I have assigned. These qualities I have developed over time and the more they are being applied the more individualized the expression of me I become. So one of my expressions is this person having the session today.”

This session was a mind bender for sure😵‍💫. My understanding is, we are simply fractals of Source, experimenting different realities on different planes of existence possible at the same time, as time is a human construct anyway. We split in fractals and the more experiences we have, we are forming our personality that can later on be used to different incarnations for the purpose of growth and evolution of our soul.

Hope you enjoyed,

love2all, Elena

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