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A Bermuda Triangle Story

Hi Guys, in a recent session one of my client questions was, why is she infatuated with the Bermuda Triangle region. The SC explained, this is part of the Atlantis lost civilization and there is still technology deep under the water that sometimes misfires and the place becomes an active portal into different worlds.

Client was a Air Force pilot in 1940 ( although the tech. in the water is ancient) that got sucked into what it looked like a vortex. The plane spiraling out of control, took him and the copilot into a parallel universe seconds later. This world looked very futuristic with tall glass buildings and some type of people that seemed more robotic although in human forms. They did not consume food as they were feeding of the Ligh. The city was under some sort of dome like structure with very little green landscape.

The pilots were welcomed here and introduced to this type of life. They had no choice than to adapt as there was no way back, but it was hard for the body to be nourished just with Light because the frequency was so much different. They lived a few years but the aging process kicked in lot faster and they passed away. I asked the SC why this intriguing story and it said, this needed to happen because on a soul level the client wanted to understand vibration frequencies of certain body types and why we can only have a certain body throughout our incarnations based on the place we choose to experience. The body needs to match the vibratiory field of a planet in order to survive.

I was thinking to myself, what a crash course this soul really got through this journey .

Love2all, Elena

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